What's the product range of Origin Acoustics speakers?

Origin Acoustics offers a wide range of speakers suitable for various audio requirements, from In-ceiling, In-wall, Pendant, Professional, and Outdoor, to Marine-grade.

How does Origin Acoustics stand out from its competition?

With multiple patented technologies, Origin Acoustics holds advantages that no other brand can match.

How easy is the installation process for Origin Acoustics speakers?

Thanks to patented bracket technology, Origin Acoustics speakers are incredibly easy to install without needing any tools.

Can I upgrade my Origin Acoustics speakers easily?

Absolutely! Origin Acoustics' unique patented technology allows for the easiest upgrade procedure, accommodating 25 different models in single-size cutouts.

What sizes of speakers does Origin Acoustics accommodate?

Unique to Origin Acoustics, our design can house both 6” and 8” speakers and even 10” speakers.

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