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The Remarkable Journey

At Evig, our journey was ignited by a desire to bring world-class audio-visual, lighting, and digital signage products and solutions to the region. In our relentless pursuit of becoming a genuinely value-added distribution service, our vision was clear: to provide our cherished clients with the very best in audio-visual, lighting, digital signage, and a host of other products. Our hearts were set on crafting an experience that would etch an everlasting, positive mark on the lives of our partners and clients. From this seed of an idea, "Evig" was born, a name steeped in Swedish heritage that embodies the essence of the eternal. The roots of our journey stretch back to the dynamic city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where we planted the seeds of this remarkable endeavor in 2016. Little did we know that within just half a decade, our presence would resonate as a significant force to reckon with in the industry. As we continue to evolve and grow, we stand as the trusted go-to for all things related to audio-visual, lighting, digital signage, and many other remarkable products and solutions.

At Evig, we wear our passion for excellence on our sleeves. It's a passion that goes beyond technology; it's a shared emotion that drives us daily. We've discovered that true satisfaction lies in knowing that we've served and touched lives and created unforgettable experiences. Our partners and clients are at the heart of everything we do. With each product and solution we provide, we pour our dedication and care into it, knowing that it becomes a part of someone's journey. Our voyage is not just about being an industry leader; it's a profoundly human endeavor. We take pride in our remarkable journey, made more beautiful through the relationships we’ve fostered and the people we’ve had the privilege to collaborate. And as we look to the horizon, we're eager to continue this journey of inspiration, innovation, and, most importantly, human connection. With diverse brands, each distinguished in their own right, decided to unite their shared passion and innovation, fueling a unique vision. With one common objective—to establish an enduring legacy in the realm of audio-visual, lighting, and digital signage products and solutions.

Our Brands

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Our Core Values

Evig is driven by a vision of customer empowerment. We dream of a world where your satisfaction shines brightest. Guided by unwavering integrity, our close-knit team works tirelessly to create excellence that simplifies and enriches your life. These values are the heart of our mission, fostering trust, collaboration, and fulfillment for every individual.

Customer Centricity
At Evig, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We listen, understand, and anticipate their needs, striving to exceed their expectations. Your satisfaction is our driving force.
Team Work
We believe that great achievements are the result of collaboration. Our diverse and talented teams work together seamlessly, combining their strengths to achieve common goals. Together, we are unstoppable.
Trust is the foundation of our relationships. We uphold the highest ethical standards in every aspect of our business. Transparency, honesty, and accountability are non-negotiable values we hold dear.
Quality is not just a goal; it's our promise. We are committed to delivering products and services that exemplify excellence. Precision, attention to detail, and continuous improvement drive us forward.
We believe in making the complex simple. We streamline processes, design user-friendly products, and provide straightforward solutions. Our aim is to simplify your experience with us.
Our shared achievements are a testament to the power of working together. Collaboration is not just a process; it's our way of life.
Generosity of Spirit
Asides making incredible products that satisfies our customers, we shine a beacon of light through our kindness and compassion so as to touch the lives around us.

The Uniqueness that Defines Us

At Evig, we collaborate with you to create solutions that exceed expectations. Our commitment to design excellence enriches your projects because that is where our passion lies.
After-Sale Support
When you choose Evig, you're choosing a company that values your satisfaction beyond the point of purchase. Your journey doesn't end at purchase. Your needs remain our priority.
Premium Brands
We believe that you deserve the best. Our portfolio of premium brands reflects our dedication to offering you the finest choices, ensuring that you receive products and solutions that meet the highest standards in the industry.
Training and Certification
We provide comprehensive training and certification for our partners, equipping them with the knowledge needed for seamless product installation and configuration.
Stock Availability
Count on us for product availability, and for custom orders, we guarantee deliveries per our agreed timeline.
Passion To Win Together
We believe in the power of unity, where our shared passion paves the way for collective victories.
Future Ready Mindset
We do not have the mindset of the present alone, we have a future ready mindset which empowers us to innovate and thrive in the evolving business landscape.
This is why partners chose us...
Evig consistently stands out for top-notch quality products and exceptional customer service. They've genuinely earned my unwavering trust and wholehearted recommendation.
Nabil Musa
Supply Chain Manager at OMNIX, UAE.
I've had the absolute pleasure of experiencing Evig , and I couldn't be happier. Their products, adorned with the most beautiful designs I've ever come across, have truly enriched my life. And when it comes to after-sale service, they are unparalleled.
Azfar Majeed
Thanks to Evig, I've enjoyed top brands that redefine excellence. Their commitment to sourcing the best is clear in every recommendation.
Anthony Joseph
Vice President at OFFICEPLUS, UAE.
Evig is your gateway to opulent living. They take opulence to new heights with the premium brands they promote. Each brand represents the pinnacle of quality and style. I'm continuously impressed by their selections.
Sachin Toprani
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Unveiling the Dream Team: Behind every success story at Evig, there's an extraordinary team of individuals who embody our core values and drive our vision forward.


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