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What is the maximum size of the motorized screen you can offer?

We can offer the Paragon E 392” diagonal screen.

Which projector screen is the best?

Draper projector screen offers the best innovative solutions designed to meet your requirements ensuring the highest quality we can offer.

What is a tab tensioned screen?

All Draper tab tensioned screen surfaces are cut on CNC controlled cutting tables, including the tabs. It provides the best optimal image as it keeps the surface flat and offers the most versatility.

Do you offer a good quality home cinema theatre?

Yes we do, we have varieties of fixed screen that can be perforated for a good quality of home cinema theatre. Choices are Profile +, Clarion, Cineperm, Shadowless Clarion, Edgeless Clarion and Lace and Grommet.

Can Draper make a custom screen?

Yes, Draper can make custom screen sizes as per your request.

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