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Display Mounts: Take Your Screens to New Heights

Get ready because the most insane display mounts that will completely change the game are here! Do you want to improve your office area? Give it a more elegant look. Or do you love gaming, movies, and streaming the latest shows but hate how boring your scree...

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How do I choose a TV mount?

Determine whether you would like to mount your screen on the ceiling, wall, or floor. Based on your TV’s weight and VESA size, choose a mount of superior quality to guarantee lasting durability. Your interior, budget, and installation concerns should be put into consideration while making a selection.

What is VESA standard?

VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association, which has set standards for mounting flat panel monitors, televisions, and other displays to stands or wall mounts. The VESA mount standard outlines the dimensions for the four holes positioned at the back of displays, along with the screws used to fit these holes.

How do I determine my screen’s VESA size?

Step 1: Measure (in millimeters) the distance between the top and bottom holes on the back of your TV.

Step 2: Measure the distance between the left and right holes.

How safe are TV mounts?

Along with the quality of a TV mount, proper installation is essential in making sure that the TV is safely mounted. There are mounts made of premium materials that are complemented by detailed installation guides. Make a careful choice and follow the installation manual to ensure TV is safely and effectively installed.

How do I choose the right mount for my interactive board?

Consider factors such as the size and weight of your interactive board, the installation environment (wall or floor), the desired adjustability options (tilt, swivel, height), and any other specific requirements. Always prioritize safety, compatibility, and proper installation.

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