Evoko was established in Sweden in 2009 with the intention of revolutionizing how meetings are planned and handled in in the corporate environment .
Evoko History
Evoko Room Manager

Evoko launched the Evoko Room Manager in the year 2009, ERM1001, a touch-screen device placed outside meeting rooms that simplifies the booking process and improves meeting room utilization.
Evoko History
Evoko Minto

The innovative conference phone was launched in the year 2014 that operates smoothly with mobile phones , tablets or laptops working through Bluetooth .
Evoko History
Evoko Liso Room Manager

A self hosted room manager that brings all the features you need in a room booking device. Place it outside any meeting, conference or huddle room was launched in the year 2016.
Evoko History
Evoko Groupie

A portable wide-angle illumination lens that you can attach to any device making a video conference call so much easier was launched in the year 2017.
Evoko History
Evoko Pusco

Evoko launched PUSCO which is a Digital Signage in the year 2019. The easy way out for public space communication
Evoko History
Evoko Naso room manager

A cloud based room manager that covers everything from basic booking to an extensive range of functions. Place it outside any meeting room, conference or huddle room was launched in the year 2021.
Evoko History
Evoko Kleeo Desk Manager

A complete and smart desk booking device was launched in the year 2022.
Evoko History
Evoko Delo Connection Manager

A smart screen sharing hub for seamless meetings was launched in the year 2022.
Evoko History
Evoko History

Evoko, the Swedish worktech pioneer since 2009, is on a mission to redefine workplaces, infusing them with innovation and efficiency. At the heart of Evoko's journey is the belief that workplaces should inspire productivity and creativity.

Evoko story began with the groundbreaking Evoko Room Manager in 2009, simplifying room bookings and paving the way for a new era in workplace solutions. Over the years, Evoko's commitment to innovation and design has earned them accolades.

Evoko envisions workplaces that adapt seamlessly to diverse employee needs, enabling everyone to excel. The company’s product range streamlines room and desk bookings, enhances meeting management and maximizes workspace utilization.

The company's mission is crystal clear: empower organizations with pleasurable business advantages through comprehensive workplace solutions that prioritize user experience and ROI.

Explore Evoko's diverse product portfolio, including room and desk booking systems, meeting room displays, meeting management software, and workplace analytics. Trusted by organizations worldwide, including industry giants like Nike, DHL, SAP, and Philips, Evoko is your partner in crafting smarter, more efficient, and eco-friendly workplaces.

Evoko's core values - innovation, design, usability, integration, and sustainability - drive their commitment to reshaping the future of workplaces. Join Evoko in creating inspiring work environments where people can thrive and achieve their best.

Evoko History

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